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Chemicals e-Briefing: Later deadlines confirmed by ECHA for the submission of applications for authorisation for substances included in Annex XIV of the REACH Regulation (1907/2006)

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    Annex XIV of the REACH Regulation lists the substances which are subject to authorisation. Substances included in this Annex cannot be used after a specific date (the ‘sunset date’) unless they are authorised for that specific use. This Annex sets out the sunset date for each substance and the final date when an application for authorisation must be submitted. The Annex also sets out any categories of use which are exempt from the ban.

    The European Chemicals Agency (“ECHA”) previously required applications for authorisation to be submitted by dates specified for each substance, in advance of the final date set out in Annex XIV.

    Recently the European Commission clarified that provided an application is submitted before the final date set out in Annex XIV then the substance can continue to be used after the sunset date so long as a decision on the application has not been reached. The European Commission did this so that applicants will know the exact date by which their application has to be submitted to ECHA in order to benefit from this extension. ECHA has amended the submission windows set in accordance with this decision. ECHA still advises that applicants notify it of their intention to submit an application for authorisation well in advance of this date.

    The submission windows for 2013 are now:

    7 - 21 August 2013
    DEHP (EC 204-211-0)
    BBP (EC 201-622-7)
    DBP (EC 201-557-4)
    DIBP (EC 201-553-2) 

    7 - 21 November 2013
    Diarsenic trioxide (EC 215-481-4)
    Diarsenic pentaoxide (EC 215-116-9)
    Lead chromate (231-846-0)
    Lead sulfochromate yellow (C.I. pigment yellow 34) (EC 215-693-7)
    Lead chromate molybdate sulphate red (C.I. pigment red 104) (EC 235-759-9)

    For further information, please contact:

    Elizabeth Shepherd
    +44 (0)161 8318215

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