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Experienced legal process and technology consultants

Today, General Counsel need to react to many different demands. These include major regulatory or policy changes, delivering a strategic vision, significant restructuring, legal risk-management or simply the need to respond to sudden business growth. When your in-house team is under pressure or needs direction, Eversheds Sutherland’s legal consulting professionals can provide focused and effective results.

For many legal departments, the implementation of technology solutions to drive efficiency, manage risk and generate meaningful management information represents a major challenge. Securing budget, getting on the agenda of the corporate IT department and selecting the right software all require a significant amount of time and persistence – and rarely result in the intended benefits. Eversheds Consulting specializes in utilizing existing technologies to provide tailor-made solutions for legal teams of all sizes.


At a time when many organizations are demanding more from their in-house legal function, the need to understand the demands you place on your team is vital. We can help you to work efficiently and get more from your legal teams. In addition to this, we have the ability to free up time for a full strategic overview of your legal department.

Utilizing and adapting management methods, such as Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), Lean Six Sigma techniques and PRINCE2 project methodology, we can help you to redesign your legal function and create a team that demonstrates real and measurable value to your board.

Meeting the challenge

Following an in-depth analysis of your legal department, we provide practical measures that help you to deliver your service more efficiently and effectively. They could involve IT solutions, outsourcing work or simply reallocating work to another lawyer. We can also help you to redefine the value of the work your team performs – turning matters that are currently seen as high-end and strategic into “business as usual”.

Thanks to our experience of BPR, our answers will be geared to you and your organization and never imposed from a standard model. Culture change may also be crucial to you achieving your aims. We can help you to create a more cohesive team in which where your people are productive and seen as a proactive part of your company.

Greater respect for you and your people, better outputs, reduced risks and solutions-based strategy – Eversheds Consulting can make a real difference to your legal function.

Multiple legal projects

In recent years, in-house legal teams have integrated much more closely with company governance and management. There are also many more pressures on a General Counsel’s time, including ever-expanding management responsibilities. Eversheds Consulting can provide qualified (PRINCE2) flexible project managers to work with your internal teams to overcome these demands and ensure the timely delivery of programs and projects.

Legal reporting

Another difficulty facing in-house legal teams is the provision of high-quality, concise and regular reporting.

Meeting the challenge

The answer is to collate internal and external data from numerous sources into one meaningful dashboard. Eversheds Consulting can work with you to:

  • understand your legal and business drivers
  • design appropriate instructions and dashboardscollate legal team information from your internal customers and panels into one simple format
  • collate internal team information
  • implement the right level of technology
  • analyze the results with you, developing recommended improvement strategies

We can help you bring together information from a variety of sources to a single platform and, with the use of the right dashboards, make sense of your operational data.

Real-time business intelligence will provide you with an analytical, collective view of trending data, drill-down capability, and an ability to assess matters early and make informed decisions efficiently and effectively.

A variety of easy-to-understand and user-defined metrics can help you understand areas such as:

  • risk exposure by matter type
  • the number of significant litigations pending
  • top 10 matters by total hours
  • the percentage of matters over budget
  • the monitoring and comparison of panel firms
  • the criteria for urgent attention
  • what your organization’s highest-profile cases are
  • data broken down by business unit, jurisdiction, lawyer and work type

We can supply templates to your teams, ensuring data is received in a consistent manner from your internal customers and is compliant with e-billing systems. Our consultants can also spend time with your team and create key performance indicators, allowing you to track quality and value.

The result will be smarter decisions, better quality, defined metrics, measurable performance and an improved ability to link your organization’s strategy to specific legal initiatives.

Contract management

Records retention is an increasingly important area for multinational organizations. US electronic discovery rules may require the production of a vast number of documents, even if they originated outside of the US. The expectation is that companies will be able to access their records satisfactorily, sometimes within a short period of time.

Records include evidence of business transactions or dealings, support for the decision-making process and documentation of an organization’s activities, finances and history. They also include electronic documents. It is essential that businesses understand how long they need to retain their records for and that they have practical systems for their storage. After all, this is an area that if not carefully managed can easily spiral out of control.

Accessing management information

Financial pressures are increasingly leading companies to instigate spend reduction programs and demand more from their legal function. Often this is forced upon the General Counsel, who may lack the data, time and analysis to justify their external spend. Metrics play a key role in the success of your department and the ability to measure the true effectiveness of your in-house legal model. In the current climate, the ability to identify which areas to target for improvement is critical.

In addition, General Counsel are often called upon to provide answers about the in-house team’s processes and business performance. Work must be done, but it must also be seen to be done. Identifying which strategies, programmers and processes are working well, or not working, is critical to success for you, the legal function and your company’s financial value. Therefore, appropriate and timely metrics are essential.

Utilizing the right reporting tools and KPIs for your business, we can help you to better understand your legal function and create a team that demonstrates real and measurable value to your board, consistently performing to the highest standards.

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