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Global compliance and crisis management


The Eversheds Global Compliance and Crisis Management Team includes experts in:

  • antitrust
  • anti-corruption and anti-fraud
  • data protection
  • corporate compliance

The team provides a holistic solution to the issues that keep you awake at night. Our Global Team combines pan-disciplinary and multi-jurisdictional experience, knowledge and best practice so that our experts can deliver an immediate, cost effective and tailored solution to any compliance risk you may face.

Eversheds Global Compliance and Crisis Management Services

Multi-jurisdictional compliance projects

Our clients are increasingly seeking to grow their business by entering new and developing markets. We can help to make that transition as easy as possible by providing comprehensive advice on the compliance issues that will need to be met. We regularly work on multi-jurisdictional projects to provide advice on anti-corruption compliance and sanction risks, packaging, labelling, website content, contractual provisions and on the application of policies and procedures generally. Our approach is to provide clients with practical and commercial compliance solutions when entering new jurisdictions.

Internal investigations and audits

We have worked on hundreds of internal investigations varying from own-initiative audits or risk reviews, third-party assessments and multi-jurisdictional in-depth internal reviews following on from an external investigation. Our Global Team has the skills and resources to deal with the practical aspects of an internal investigation such as site visits, large data or document reviews and interviews with key personnel, including any associated HR issues. We also advise clients on key issues such as legal privilege, electronically stored data, data protection and strategic approaches to regulators and enforcement agencies.

Upmost in our mind when assisting a client with any type of investigation is how to minimise our client’s liability. We think strategically and know when it might be the right time to self-report a known breach, seek immunity or leniency or enter into negotiations and can guide the Board through what can be a difficult decision making process.

Reputation management

We understand the importance of brand and reputation and the damage a compliance failure can cause. We therefore work proactively with clients to help them develop systems and controls to manage risk more effectively and to implement processes and project management techniques to ensure problems can be dealt with to protect their reputation on a cost-efficient basis. When an incident occurs we proactively help to control damage to reputation by briefing communications teams and liaising with the regulator or enforcement agency to limit media coverage.


We work closely with our clients to help them meet their regulatory requirements and demonstrate the highest level of ethical conduct and corporate culture through tailored policies, procedures and training. We have developed various tools including award winning e-learning modules such as our Competition Law Online Toolkit, ethics@work, anti-bribery@work and respect@work as well as a data protection DVD. Our training offering is extensive, and includes a mixture of publicly available courses and summer schools as well as bespoke packages, geared towards all levels of employees as well as strategic discussions at Board level.

Regulatory investigations and enforcement

We understand what it means when a client finds itself in difficulty with a law enforcement agency or regulator. Our Global Team is on 24/7 standby to respond rapidly to any such investigation, to navigate you through the issues, protect your rights, provide strategic guidance, liaise with the regulator/enforcement agency, seek the best outcome and minimise the impact of the process. Our holistic approach means we think about how areas can impact on one another and intertwine, often across jurisdictions enabling us to pre-empt broader issues and deal with them expeditiously.

Crisis hotline

To make sure our clients obtain the help they need as fast as possible when a crisis hits we offer a central crisis help number that can be rolled out within a client’s organisation globally making sure everyone knows who to call for help. This provides clients with the simplicity of one dedicated telephone number to call wherever and whatever the crisis relates to. The service can be tailored to clients’ needs, accommodating the right jurisdictions and risk areas as well as agreeing in advance a communication plan to ensure the right people are contacted at the right time.

Civil and criminal litigation

We have one of the world’s largest dispute resolution practices that manages the litigation that can follow law enforcement and regulatory action involving antitrust, anti-fraud, anti-bribery, data protection, health and safety and other corporate compliance issues. Civil and criminal litigation can happen concurrently and across jurisdictions and we work as one team to develop litigation.