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Litigation and Dispute Management

Over the past decade, Eversheds’ litigation team has been completely transformed. Our strategic international expansion, continuous innovation and investment in people mean we are now called on to act in some of the world’s biggest commercial disputes.

We are on the panel of over 25 major banks and several hundred global corporations, and are currently advising them on a wide range of matters. Increasingly, we are called in to handle threats and disputes of the highest strategic importance.

In the past year alone, our lawyers have been central to some of the most prominent examples of crisis management, public and private investigations and court work: we led on the Mid-Staffs health enquiry; we have advised global banks on the PPI scandal and we have arbitrated in multi-billion dollar disputes in jurisdictions across the globe and in multiple industry sectors.

Our approval rating from clients is over 97%. For clients who have not yet tested our international offering or measured our service against the Magic Circle, we say: ‘try us’.

We have shaped our offering to meet the concerns of modern, globally-distributed organisations. Our teams of lawyers are deployed quickly, scaled efficiently, and led by partners expert in the matter at hand. Always. If we are not the best firm for a client’s business, we do not take it on.

Our litigation and dispute management lawyers globally work as a joined-up team under a single brand. Each is motivated to promote teamwork across borders, to find the quickest and most effective solution to a client’s problem and to ensure they are businesspeople as well as legal experts. Even the most daunting cases are picked up without fuss, and managed with precision.

When the time comes, we are fierce litigators - with a record and reputation we are happy to talk openly about (or have our clients talk on our behalf). But our advice is integrated into business-as-usual, and we are the forefront of industry efforts to keep clients out of court by preparing well and keeping informed.

As the world finds its feet after a historic macroeconomic shock, and now contends with regime change, political instability, disruptive technologies and regulatory reform, our team is a powerful ally for companies and institutions looking to safeguard their business and their future.

We've been really impressed. It's been a pleasure working with them - they communicate where we are and where we're going. There's a very clear pathway."

Chambers 2015


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