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Global M&A report 2015 - Streamlining for success

Global M&A report 2015 - Streamlining for success

Following the publication of our recent report ‘The M&A Blueprint – From Inception to Integration’, Eversheds Sutherland has now launched its latest follow up M&A study – ‘Streamlining for success’.

This report is an international research study examining international corporate divestment activity and separation themes and challenges.

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The Eversheds Sutherland M&A Report – Streamlining for Success, is a collection of insights and experiences of general counsel, senior in-house deal lawyers, business and strategic directors and senior executive management.

Divestments are a complex, challenging and necessary part of the business lifecycle. Despite this, they received little attention in strategic reviews of M&A prior to the financial crisis. With this in mind, we asked respondents to share the biggest challenges they face in running divestments and the most valuable lessons they had learned.

Divestments trends and challenges explained

The study collects the views of 159 interviewees from 34 different countries. 80% were in general counsel or senior in-house legal roles and 20% were CEOs and other senior executives involved in M&A transactions.


Eversheds Sutherland operates as one team from around the world. For further information on our global M&A team, including country contacts, please refer to our Global M&A pages.

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Download the guide now to access the qualitative research - conducted through face-to-face and telephone interviews by Eversheds Sutherland M&A lawyers and independent legal research consultancy, RSG Consulting, between August 2014 and January 2015 – and a comprehensive analysis of the results at both the international and regional levels.

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