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Product Liability and Product Recall legal advice

When a product fault comes to light, the first 48 hours are crucial. A fast and clear response, directed by experienced and decisive leadership, can help to stave off reputational damage, loss of customer confidence, and significant financial exposure.


Our international team has extensive experience of handling product liability issues across Europe, North America and Asia. We work fast to form an action plan, assemble the best team and develop a communications strategy for customers, shareholders, employees and the media.

We have the capability to manage global product recalls and simultaneous notification of regulators across multiple jurisdictions. We hold long-standing, close relationships with regulatory authorities around the world, and have considerable expertise in dealing with investigations and prosecutions arising from product failures.

Our approach is based on anticipating and preparing for the worst, and we offer risk management advice and training on the relevant regulatory regimes at a product, sector or country-specific level. Increasingly, we are being called in to offer companies thorough preparation for recall scenarios, and we conduct “mock recall” drills with clients to ensure readiness.

All our product liability work is managed efficiently and cost effectively through our RAPID Resolution approach - a project management system for handling disputes that focuses on delivering the best practical outcome, reducing costs and maintaining client control over the process.


Our range of clients is broad, including multi-nationals and large corporations in sectors such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, agro-chemical, tobacco, industrial engineering, automotive, electrical, food and drink, safety equipment, domestic appliances, toys and other consumer goods. To each we offer a high level of industry-specific knowledge and an intimate familiarity with the relevant regulatory framework.

Our recent work includes:

  • advising one of the world’s leading brands on the largest ever global product recall of domestic appliances
  • assisting a multinational pharmaceutical company in the precautionary product recall of an over-the-counter drug in Italy
  • advising two multi-national food businesses on their responses to the horsemeat scandal, including the recall, quarantining and destruction of product; advising on insurance coverage; managing questions from MPs and journalists; preparing press releases and Q&As; liaising with the FSA, customers and suppliers ; and securing recovery from relevant suppliers
  • advising on the product recall of fire-extinguishers across several European jurisdictions

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