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Competition and marketing law, public procurement and data protection legal advice

We advise in Finnish and foreign competition law and public procurement assisting in a wide range of cases, including;

  • restraint of trade,
  • dominant market position,
  • state aid,
  • merger control, joint ventures, distribution contracts,
  • competition law damages,
  • competitive tendering, litigation and public administrative procedures in public procurement, and procurement contracts.

We advise in data protection for Finnish and foreign clients in various data protection fields, such as;

  • managing personal data on current and potential customers,
  • data protection at work,
  • administering medical records,
  • processing,
  • targeted online marketing (including cookies and other technologies), and 
  • whistleblowing arrangements.

We advise in marketing law, assisting clients with a range of internationally specialised requirements, such as;

  • checking the compliance of marketing plans,
  • drafting marketing communication and sales contracts (such as agreements acquiring rights to the design and content of marketing communications),
  • Internet law,
  • e-trading and other remote selling,
  • social media law,
  • affiliate marketing,
  • consumer protection between business and consumer,
  • product safety and product liability.

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