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Warning - Scams

We are aware that criminals may use the Eversheds Sutherland name and sometimes the names of individuals working within our organisation in scams. One of the scams currently being operated involves upfront fee rental fraud, where would-be tenants (often students) are tricked into paying an upfront deposit for a rental property which either doesn’t exist or is already being rented out. Victims lose the upfront deposit and they are left without the rental property they thought they had secured. We are aware that fraudulent rental documents purporting to have been drafted by an Eversheds Sutherland lawyer are sent to the victim at the time of request of the advance payment. Please note that in such instances the documentation has not been prepared by Eversheds Sutherland nor are we involved in the communications which have been sent by parties using the name of our firm and/or the name of an individual working within Eversheds Sutherland.

We have reported these incidents to the relevant authorities and have taken positive steps to try to prevent further incidents occurring. There are, however, other types of fraud and scams which are used, with new ones being devised by the criminals regularly.

If you have any doubts as to the authenticity of any communications purporting to be from Eversheds Sutherland or documentation purporting to be prepared by Eversheds Sutherland or one of its partners, employees or consultants, please send a copy of the email you have received and/or sent along with any accompanying documentation to:

Claire Larbey
Head of Risk