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Eversheds Africa e-briefing: February 2014

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Cameroon – Calling into question the application of the competition regulation in Cameroon

Law No. 98/013 relating to competition, dated 14 July 1998, created the National Competition Commission (“CNC”), under the supervision of the Ministry of Commerce. According to this law, the modus operandi of this entity are set by way of decree. Decree No. 2005/1363/PM of 6 May 2005, which set the composition and modus operandi of the CNC, was recently repealed and replaced by the Decree of 13 December 2013 (“Decree 2013”). Read more...

Djibouti - New Law on the Prevention and Fight Against Corruption

The 16 June 2013, the Republic of Djibouti adopted Law No. 03/AN/13/7L, which supplements the laws relating to the prevention and fight against corruption, notably the United Nations Convention against Corruption, the Criminal Code and the provisions of Laws No. 110/AN/6èmeL, No. 111/AN/6èmeL, and No. 112/AN/11/6èmeL of 25 May 2011. Read more...

OHADA – Adoption of a New Uniform act on Commercial Companies and Economic Interest Groups

The new Uniform Act relating to commercial companies and economic interest groups was adopted 30 January 2014 by the Council of Ministers of the Organization on the Harmonisation of African Business Law (“OHADA”). Read more...

Democratic Republic of Congo – Draft Hydrocarbon Bill

More than eight months after its adoption by the Senate in May 2013, the draft law on hydrocarbons was finally acceded on 14 January in the National Assembly of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read more...

Algeria – Changes derived from new Finance Law 2014 impacting the shareholding of foreigners in Algerian companies

Law No. 13-08 of 27 Safar 1435, corresponding to 30 December 2013, establishing the Finance Act 2014 (“Finance Act 2014”), makes several changes to the legislation in force. Read more...

Minutes of EALI Summit – Paris – 21-22 January 2014

This working group session invited all participants to discuss some of the key sector focused opportunities within their region. We also discussed some of the issues facing African corporations today, challenges that firms face while serving corporate and government clients and exchanged ideas on how to manage risks when investing in Africa. Read more...

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