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Africa e-briefing July 2014

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Senegal – Adoption of a new Community Customs Code

Law No. 23/2013 regarding the Customs Code of Senegal was adopted by the National Assembly of the Republic of Senegal in February 2014 (“New Code”).

The New Code replaces the preceding Code governed by law No. 87-47 of December 28th, 1987, and brings about several changes that seek to facilitate the existing customs formalities and procedures, notably for large enterprises, and to ensure the better monitoring of transactions. Read the full Senegal article here...

DRC- Deadline for compliance with the Uniform Act on Companies of September 12th, 2014

All commercial companies incorporated in the Democratic Republic of Congo prior to its entry into force on September 12th, 2012, are required to update their articles of association/bylaws in accordance with the provisions of the Uniform Act within two years. Read the full Democratic Republic of Congo article here...

Benin - Measures to improve the business climate

New measures to improve the business climate in Benin have been taken. These relate to business creation, licensing, cross-border trade, enforcement of contracts, access to credit, and protection of investors. Read the full Benin article here...

Tunisia – Telecommunication Sector

The field of telecommunications is attracting more and more interest from Tunisians, especially within the political class, where it has become a subject of controversy among some stakeholders involved in Tunisian political life. Read the full Tunisia article here...

South Africa – Amendment to the Development Bank of Southern Africa Act

The Development Bank of Southern Africa (“Bank”), a state owned entity, was created for accelerating sustainable socio-economic development and improve the quality of life in countries members of the Southern African Development Community. Read the full South Africa article here...

PPP in Africa: Pushing the Boundaries

Public Private Partnerships (PPP) have emerged as a strong platform to enable infrastructure development across the world. So, what is behind the success of PPP and what is the potential for its future use in Africa? Read the full PPP article here...

International arbitration Africa style

Economic advances in Africa have come at an astonishing pace in recent years. According to the IMF, four of the six fastest growing economies in the world in 2014 will be in Sub-Saharan Africa. Read the full International arbitration article here...

Edition of the OHADA BLUE CODE

This edition includes the OHADA Uniform Act Treaty, OHADA regulations, abundant case laws from the common court of justice and arbitration and summaries from the French supreme court decisions. Read the full OHADA BLUE CODE article here...

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