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Africa e-briefing March 2014

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Eversheds Africa Law Institute makes strides across Africa

Eversheds Africa Law Institute (EALI) welcomed 10 new members in its innovative platform for collaboration and best legal practice across Africa, taking the total of EALI African firms up to 33. Click here to read more...

Inter-University diploma of OHADA jurist

Eversheds LLP Paris is now a partner of the Inter-University diploma of OHADA jurist of Pantheon Assas University and Paris 13-Nord University. This diploma aims training students to OHADA regulations. Click here to read more...

Mali/UEMOA – Usury Act

Member States of the Economic and Monetary Union of West Africa (“ UEMAO “) adopted in 1978, a single framework law dealing with the methods for fixing the legal interest rate and the definition of usury was adopted by the. Thereafter, in 1997, this text was subject to modification: the legal interest rate was indexed by the lending rate of the Central Bank of the West Africa States (“BCEAO”). Click here to read more...

Sénégal – Adoption of the draft law on partnership agreements

The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Senegal adopted on 15 January 2014 a draft law on partnership agreements (“New Law”) which replaces Law No. 2004-13 of 1 March 2004 on construction, operations, and transfer of infrastructure contracts, as amended by laws No. 2009-21 of 4 May 2009 and No. 2011-11 of 28 April 2011 (“The CET Act”). Click here to read more...

ECOWAS – Reforms in the ECOWAS

The Economic Community of West African States (“ECOWAS”) is supporting a movement of reforms in view of reinforcing the political and economic integration of the Member States. In effect, after having recently adopted a common external tariff in March 2013, ECOWAS has been the object of a new reform, this time institutional. Click here to read more...

Kenya – Adoption of a new mining law

The Government of Kenya adopted in late January 2014 a draft mining law that will be the object of a discussion in Parliament in 2014. The adoption of this bill falls within the framework of the Kenyan policy for developing its mining sector through the adoption of multiple regulations, announced in December 2013. Click here to read more...

Ivory Coast – Adoption of the New Electricity Code and the New Mining Code

Ivory Coast recently was the object of two major reforms by the adoption, in first part, of its New Mining Code, and in the second part, of its New Electricity Code. Click here to read more...

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