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Tunisia | Global employment update

Tunisia | Global employment update
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Private sector wage increases

An increase of 6% has been agreed for private sector pay, following a negotiation between the UGTT and UTICA. This agreement provides for an increase of 6% on basic salary, plus an increase in the transport allowance by 10 dinars per month.

Public private partnership bill approved

Companies will be interested to learn that the Assembly of the Representatives of the People adopted recently a law on public private partnership (PPP), governing the relationship between the two partners. Typically, PPP is a partnership between the public and private sectors pursuant to a long term contractual agreement and covering the design, construction, financing and ongoing operation and maintenance of infrastructure assets.

The Government stressed that the PPP will help to mobilize funds for the implementation of major projects. It also confirmed that the rights of the state will be guaranteed through the establishment of supervisory bodies to monitor all PPP projects.

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