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Emerging from COVID and beyond – A guide to protecting your business relationships and confidential information

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As we emerge from lockdown, businesses can expect to see increased movement in the labour market. Whether this is because employees now have the confidence and opportunity to make a career move, or because COVID related measures have impacted morale and loyalty, we expect an increasing number of employees to be moving to competitors or setting up on their own over the coming months. Such employees are likely to have been planning such moves for many months, often whilst working at home on company systems. Indeed we are already seeing this with some of our clients.

Furthermore, a Government consultation concluded in February which included proposed changes to the law around non-compete clauses to facilitate entrepreneurial behaviour and boost the economy. This legislation has not yet been passed, but the suggestion at this stage is that changes are likely later this year.

We fully understand how important your people and your confidential information is to your business. Therefore to help in-house legal teams and HR professionals to navigate the issues around business protection, we have prepared a Business Protection guide. This is designed to give you a head start in addressing whether you have adequate protection in place at this stage (and if not, what needs to be done), and the urgent steps you can take if you suspect an employee or former employee is breaching their obligations around confidential information, company property and/or restrictive covenants. In addition, data privacy in such circumstances must be considered as reporting obligations can often be triggered.

We hope you find the guide helpful.

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