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Re-shaping your business - a sustainability report for the food and beverage sector

  • United Kingdom
  • Consumer
  • Food and drink


We are delighted to share the initial findings from our research into sustainability in the food and beverage industry and the potential implications this has for legal teams.

Extinction Rebellion, the Net Zero report – no business can ignore the issue of sustainability. As a consumer movement with the potential to re-shape the business world, it seems to gather pace daily with calls for new legislation.

Our full report will be available next month and already we are seeing insights into how legal teams are approaching one of the defining business challenges of our time. Key themes that are emerging include the question of regulation versus corporate culture and also whether in-house lawyers should be reactive or proactive.

Our research is still in progress and we would welcome your thoughts. If you would like to be contribute, please get in touch by 24th May.

In the meantime we hope you enjoy reading about our findings so far.

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