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China: Renew your Business Licence by 28th Feb 2015

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By Evon Chung

Due to recent changes in SAIC requirements, the business licence of your Chinese entities will need to be renewed to a new version by 28 February 2015.

Although a relatively straightforward process, to renew the business licence the entity needs to submit a standard Administration for Industry and Commerce (AIC) application form (which is different by cities/provinces), affixed with its company seal, and return the original business license to the competent AIC for the renewal. The application form applicable can be downloaded from the competent AIC’s website

The new business licence will be issued within 1-5 working days. When submitting the application, the presenter will need to bring along the following documents:

  1. The sealed AIC form
  2. The original business license, original and duplicate
  3. The presenter’s ID card, original and one copy

If you would like further information on this change, please contact Kate Barker: or visit our LinkedIn.