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Slovenian UBO Requirements

  • United Kingdom
  • Corporate secretarial services


The Fourth Directive is being rolled out across Europe, and is having an impact more widely too. This initiative involves identifying and registering the ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) and/or the person of significant control (PSC). Every entity falling under a jurisdiction within the European Union has to comply with this requirement, but it is interesting to see how each jurisdiction interprets this formality. Slovenia has been a particularly interesting case.

While in many jurisdictions identifying a publicly listed ultimate parent of a registered entity is sufficient, in Slovenia a natural person must be registered as the UBO or PSC. Further, the entity itself should be able to prove, upon request, that all feasible checks have been undertaken to identify the natural person and that the entity complies with AML and anti-terrorism financing.

If you’re interested in understanding the requirements in Slovenia in more detail, or for anywhere else in the world, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team.