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Diversified Industrials & Manufacturing sector update

Diversified Industrials & Manufacturing sector update
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Future of Chemicals Regulation post Brexit

lizabeth Shepherd, environmental expert in our Diversified Industrials sector, gave oral evidence at the Environmental Audit Committee's inquiry into 'The Future of Chemicals Regulation' after the EU Referendum. It took place in one of the Committee Rooms in the Palace of Westminster.

Elizabeth answered questions for over an hour from MPs led by Mary Creagh who chairs the committee. The other two individuals giving evidence were Dr Michael Warhurst of CHEMTrust and Dr Apolline Roger of the University of Sheffield.

The questions ranged from the options for the development of chemicals regulation, to the capacity of the UK to address the challenges and issues around possible divergence. Elizabeth also covered possible transition arrangements for chemicals regulation, in particular REACH and biocides. Elizabeth was the only lawyer from private practice invited to give evidence.

Elizabeth was also mentioned in Chemical Watch and commented, “Unless we have some sort of transitional arrangement that will kick in when we leave the EU, I think there is a very real risk of a market freeze on product supply”. To read the full article on Chemical Watch click here

To read more about this and Brexit, please visit our Brexit hub

Our experts comment on the proposed industrial strategy for the UK and what it means for the Energy & Education sectors

Our industrial experts recently commented on the proposed industrial strategy and provided their views on what this means for industrial & manufacturing businesses (click here to read). We have now updated this to include expert comments and views from our energy and education experts. Click on the relevant sector to view:



Impact of REACH and CLP on the defence sector

A recent study commissioned by the European Defence Agency considers the impact of REACH and CLP European Chemical Regulations on the EU defence sector.

The overarching goal of the study was to provide proposals to the European Commission, EU Member States, Ministries of Defence and the defence industry on how to achieve the win-win solution of ensuring a high level of protection of human health and the environment. Read more

Dispute resolution and litigation - What to expect in 2017

If you thought 2016 was a year full of surprises – wait until you see what’s coming down the tracks! In this article we’ve outlined some key litigation issues for financial controllers, managers and in-house Counsel to be aware of as we kick off 2017. Read more

The impact of technology on vehicle dealers and vehicle finance

It is clear that our vehicles are becoming increasingly autonomous and connected, by 2020/21, a number of manufacturers are predicting that they will be ready to sell vehicles that are capable of operating in fully driverless mode on public roads. The impact of this technology is set to fundamentally change both the nature of vehicles and the way in which it will be possible to use vehicles. This in turn is set to have a radical impact on consumers who purchase vehicles and/or the right to use vehicles. Read more

Global employment update

Diversified industrial businesses operate in a global environment and often have employees in a wide range of countries. Our global HR e-briefing will help you stay on top of HR related legal developments across the world. Read more

We also look ahead to 12 significant employment cases due to be heard in 2017 which are likely to develop employment law and HR policy and practice in the months to come, read the 12 cases here

Artificial Intelligence forges ahead of the law

On 12th January 2017, MEPs voted for a set of regulations to be drafted to govern the use and creation of robots and artificial intelligence, hot off the back of the UK government setting up a commission to look at the issues surrounding artificial intelligence. Across continents, the law is unclear and differing and is likely to evolve in this area. This briefing provides a brief perspective on the current status. Read more

Timber Regulation: Recent updates and developments

Since coming into force in 2013, the EU Timber Regulation 995/2010 has placed a due diligence obligation on businesses, requiring systems to be put in place to minimise the possibility that illegally harvested timber is placed on the EU market. This requires a risk assessment of the supply chain to evaluate the risk of illegally harvested timber being used.

The extent of the obligations depend on your role in the supply chain, whether you are an “operator” or “importer” and whether the timber or timber products have been “placed on the market”. Read more

Swiss Corporate Tax Reform III

Industrial and manufacturing businesses with Swiss HQ’s or operations face further uncertainty following the recent referendum in Switzerland rejecting corporate tax reform. Read more

Eversheds Sutherland comments and features

Showcasing our industrial and manufacturing expertise across the world

Our diversified industrial sector group is an internationally facing, specialist sector team, advising many major global corporations operating in the fields of Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, Chemicals and Industrial Engineering. We represent many industrial companies in the Fortune 500 and industrial companies have instructed us in particular sector specialisms such as crossborder transactions (mergers and acquisitions), joint ventures, strategic litigation, compliance, supply chain and more. See examples of our international work and expertise here


Eversheds Sutherland events

The SMART city of the future

28 February 2017, Eversheds Sutherland Leeds

Do you have an interest in SMART cities, digital technology and redevelopment projects? We will be discussing a range of SMART city technologies and approaches currently being applied, focusing on SMART technology/SMART cities and more.

Click here for more information and to book

CIA and Eversheds Sutherland Employment Seminar

1 March 2017, Eversheds Sutherland Manchester

The CIA in conjunction with Eversheds Sutherland are hosting their first half day seminar focusing on developments in employment, immigration and industrial relations law impacting on the chemical and pharmaceutical sector.

This seminar has been designed specifically for the chemicals sector and will be led by a number of specialist Eversheds Sutherland employment, industrial relations and business immigration lawyers who have a vast amount of experience of providing practical and commercial legal advice to chemical sector employers.

Health Leadership in the Chemical Industry Annual Conference

21 March 2017, Eversheds Sutherland Leeds

Come and join us for the fifth Annual Health Leadership Conference 2017 where we continue to focus on good health leadership practices across all aspects of health. Conference participants will hear from member companies on “how they did it” and key initiatives that helped them most; with a highlight across all areas by the most recent winner of CIA’s Health Leadership Award.

Our Modern Slavery Act e-learning modules

We have developed an e-learning tool to help you and your teams better recognise what modern slavery is and why it is important. The course is designed to help you reduce the risks of modern slavery occurring in your organisation and supply chains, explaining the action to take if you identify modern slavery occurring either in your operations or associated supply chains. The modules are aimed at all organisations wanting to demonstrate their commitment to eradicating the crime of modern slavery and human trafficking, delivered through straight forward and clear messaging.

Click here for more information

Managing contractors and sub-contractors - Safety: law and good practice

The management of contractors is the most common health and safety concern of our clients. Nearly every large health and safety prosecution has an element of contractor mis-management, and HSE press releases invariably identify two or more parties as being culpable when a matter comes to Court. This course updates you on the safety law that governs contractor and sub-contractor relationships. We also cover how you communicate your expectations of people who share your workplace but are not your staff, and what they will expect of you.

Click here for more information and to book

Artificial Intelligence in the driver’s seat

Thursday 16 March 2017, 1:30 - 19:15, The Harvard Club of New York City, US

The automobile has been in existence for the better part of a century: four wheels, an engine, a steering wheel and a driver. But, what happens when you take the driver out of the equation? The question sounds incredible, but this reality is closer than most people realize. Automated transportation represents a monumental leap forward; yet, this new technology will not be foolproof, particularly during the early stages of its development. We invite you to join leading technology, legal, consulting, government, insurance and academic sector speakers for a discussion of these developing issues.