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Education briefing – Coronavirus – Guidance from the Charity Commission

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Educational institutions, many of which are charities, will need to be mindful of the use of their funds in the current crisis particularly where they are looking to support other organisations. The Charity Commission has issued some helpful guidance on this issue. Please find a link to the Charity Commission’s guidance here.

Charities wishing to assist with the crisis are advised to carefully consider their objects to determine whether an application of resources is permissible. Among other things, charities are advised to consider the long-term implications of altering their objects or accessing reserve funds in response to the current crisis.

We have seen a number of queries from charities that are, understandably, keen to help in the current situation. However, it is imperative that if charities are to become involved in activities that, say, help to relieve those who suffer illness or help those who have suffered financial hardship that they ensure they are acting within their powers. Trustees must also come to the conclusion that such activity is in the charity’s best interests even where their charity is able to help. Do get in touch if you need any help dealing with these issues.

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