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Education Estates Briefing - Reforming the CPO regime - key points of the Housing and Planning Bill

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The tail end of the Housing and Planning Bill includes a raft of reforms to the Compulsory Purchase (CPO) regime. These reflect a number of the issues highlighted in the technical consultation on reforms to the CPO process that took place over the spring and which were the subject of our earlier briefing - Technical Consultation on Improvements to Compulsory Purchase.

Our summary of and commentary on the CPO provisions in the Bill can be found here.

The Government has not waited for the enactment of the Bill to issue fresh guidance.

Overall, whilst there will be some significant changes to the way in which CPO powers are exercised, the proposals in the Bill together with the revised guidance do not mark a radical revamp of the CPO regime. Key facets of the current regime, including the need to establish a compelling case in the public interest and the notion of compensation being based on equivalence, remain intact. The reforms are more concerned with measures to speed up the confirmation process and to address at least some of the many anomalies that are present in a system that has been in need of a thorough overhaul for decades.