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Global employment briefing: Austria, January 2018

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Longer notice periods for part-time white-collar employees

From 1 January 2018, statutory notice periods which apply to white-collar employees are extended to those working less than one-fifth of normal monthly working time (that is, 172 hours a month or some lower figure set by a collective agreement). These part-time white-collar employees will now be subject to the same notice requirements as their full-time counterparts. Until 31 December 2017, the employment of such employees could be terminated with only 14 days’ notice.

Increased rights for those with disabilities

On 1 January 2018, a series of measures, the so-called “inclusion package”, came into force, aimed at improving protections for individuals with a disability. As a result, in addition to existing rights of action which might result in compensation for financial loss and general damages, injunctive relief will now be available to those with a disability who suffer harassment.

A further measure extends the ability to bring class actions, enabling the Austrian Disability Council to bring a class action without prior recommendation of the Federal Disability Advisory Board. The Lawyers’ Association for the Right of Victims of Discrimination and lawyers of disabled persons are also eligible to issue such actions where violations of the Disability Equality Act are alleged.

Reimbursement of apprentices’ costs for vocational school

In October 2017, amendments to the Austrian Insolvency Remuneration Fund and to the Vocational Training Act were concluded. In consequence, employers are obliged to pay for vocational training of their apprentices. These costs are supported by grants from the Austrian Insolvency Remuneration Fund should the employer go bankrupt.

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