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Global employment briefing: Tunisia, June 2018

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A draft law on the protection of personal data is under consideration

The Ministry of Relations with Constitutional Affairs, Civil Society and Human Rights announced that a ministerial council will examine the draft law relating to the protection of personal data. It is currently the subject of a broad dialogue with the various actors concerned.

The President of the National Instance of Protection of Personal Data (INPDP) has reported that the European Union may classify Tunisia in a blacklist if the country does not adopt the principles of the new EU data protection regulation (GDPR) in the draft law currently under discussion.

According to the President of INPDP, this would have a very negative impact on the Tunisian economy since most institutions use personal data in their transactions, such as banks, call centres and service companies.

Concerns over the implementation of a biometric identity card

A year after draft legislation was introduced to establish a biometric identity card, the NGO Access Now and other civil society groups are beginning to see a shift in the public discourse public towards consideration of its details, particularly with respect to digital rights.

There are concerns that the implementation of a biometric identity card puts the privacy of Tunisians at risk. Tunisians are being urged to defend their interests and ensure that the proposed law on the biometric identity card is not adopted without guarantees for Tunisians’ fundamental rights.

For example, there are concerns that the proposals open the door to the abuse of individuals’ privacy rights and to the security of their data being compromised.

New contract for young graduates: Inscriptions in 'dignity contract' increases

This project will enable unemployed graduates to benefit from a two-year work contract which offers training with a net salary of 600 dinars and is subject to the labour code, guaranteeing all the rights of the worker.

The national agency for employment and self-employment called on companies to take advantage of this program by starting recruitment and called on companies to submit their job offers to the various regional offices of employment and self-employment.