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Global employment briefing: Algeria, January 2015

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    The extension of collective agreements

    Following a recent announcement by the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security, the current collective agreements in the economic sector will be extended to include the private sector too. For this to happen, the Labour Code will be amended following consultation with the social partners.

    This is a significant change given the more generous provisions and comprehensive scope of the existing public sector collective agreements.

    National service excluded from the calculation of retirement

    At the same time, the Minister stated that it is not necessary to include the time spent in military service in the calculation of retirement - time spent by the conscripts will not be counted towards the calculation of retirement for those who leave work before the legal age of 60. To do otherwise would have meant additional cost to the National Retirement Fund.

    Algeria Post difficulties

    Algeria Post, which is still failing to provide a quality service to its customers, is again facing calls for strikes that could aggravate the situation of a company already in financial difficulty.

    Workers from Algeria Post are calling for, amongst other things, a commission of inquiry into human resources, an increase in fixed allowances, the payment of past bonuses and the free exercise of union rights.

    Gas and electricity workers to strike

    In solidarity with the National Union of Postal Workers (Snap), which is staging an indefinite strike, the workers of the National Society of Electricity and Gas (Sonelgaz) have also called for an indefinite strike.

    They are protesting against the alleged precarious conditions in which they operate, in particular, the practice of locking out workers by public institutions.

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