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Global employment briefing: Tunisia, May 2015

  • Tunisia


    Reform of cannabis law a possibility

    Companies sending workers to Tunisia or operating in the country should be aware of the very strict law punishing cannabis consumption. Those caught are subject to the so-called “law 52” which provides for prison terms ranging from one to five years and a fine of between 1000 to 3000 dinars. The law does not distinguish between recidivists and persons who smoke cannabis for the first time. It also does not provide for any mitigating circumstances.

    The Government announcement that it will reform “law 52" has raised hopes of a complete overhaul of the text, considered as an infringement to civil liberties by many Tunisians. However, no progress has yet materialised and “law 52” remains in force.

    Government action to withhold salary during strike days

    The Council of Ministers has decided to apply legal provisions allowing salary to be withheld from state employees who go on strike, as from May 2015. The move is aimed at limiting strike action which affects state entities and is a current problem in Tunisia.

    However, the measure would meet fierce opposition from parties that were involved in those strikes and namely government employees and trade Unions. 

    UGTT to limit strike action

    Meanwhile, the deputy secretary general of the UGTT (Tunisia’s general trade union) has also taken steps to limit strike action, except in cases of necessity, and has blamed political factions for recent random strikes.