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With the recent global shift in the working landscape, many employers are considering re-shaping workforces. For multinational employers, this has the added complexity of different laws and practices. Our teams across the world have been supporting employers steer through the legal and practical employment implications. Our extensive global footprint means that we are well placed to help employers, wherever they have a presence.

To assist multinational employers, our teams have produced a variety of tools and briefings. We have pulled together all of our latest resources on global reorganizations in this 'boxset' of materials.

Global workforce reorganization planning tool

Drawing on the significant experience of our global lawyers, this planning tool offers a checklist of considerations for multi-national employers when looking at international reorganizations. The tool covers various types of business reorganization, including changes to terms and roles, as well as re-sizing the workforce through more traditional downsizing projects. Further, a comparative guide of some of the key legal aspects of downsizing across a range of jurisdictions is included in the tool.

Global workforce reorganization – part 2: working across jurisdictions

The displacement of workers or restructuring of working models resulting in workers working in jurisdictions different to their usual workplaces raises complex questions. Structuring and documenting the arrangement correctly will require a detailed assessment of the individual circumstances.

This briefing highlights some of the issues to consider and includes a checklist of practical considerations.

Global workforce reorganization – part 3: legal compliance considerations of new working arrangements

The global response to the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed from crisis management to a more nuanced potentially longer term restructure of working arrangements and a consideration of new ways of working. As restructuring of working models look increasingly likely to become more long-term, employers are now taking steps to formalize these arrangements. Further, employers are considering whether changes should be made to future-proof contractual arrangements and policies.

This briefing considers some of the practical and legal compliance implications in relation to the formalization of new working arrangements, including an at-a-glance global comparison of some of the practical considerations.

Global workforce reorganization – part 4: information and consultation obligations

Getting consultation right is at the heart of a successful global workforce reorganization process, however there is often a tension between the need to make changes quickly and the need to ensure that information and consultation obligations are met in order that risks can be managed and changes can be effectively realized.

This briefing focuses on employee representative bodies, including works councils, and highlights some of the information and consultation considerations for global employers planning a reorganization exercise. We also provide some practical tips for managing global consultation.

Global workforce reorganization - part 5: discrimination, diversity and inclusion considerations

Often overlooked in workforce reorganization exercises are possible discrimination pitfalls, which can be costly, with the potential to obliterate the very savings intended to be realized. This briefing focuses on the discrimination challenges associated with global reorganizations and highlights some of the practical steps to support and advance longer-term diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Global workforce reorganization - podcast series

With the recent global shift in the working landscape many employers are considering reshaping workforces, and for multinational employers that has the added complexity of different rules and practices. In our latest series of podcasts colleagues from our international offices offer local insights and discuss the legal and practical employment implications in relation to down-sizing projects and wider business reorganisations.

Reshaping workforces for multinational employers – insight from the Netherlands

Reshaping workforces for multinational employers - insight from France

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