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Egypt Energy from Waste FIT expected in spring 2016

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Dr Mohamed El Sobki, Executive Chairman of the New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA), has just announced that Egypt will, by February 2016, be introducing a feed in tariff for electricity generated at energy from waste plants. Dr Sobki is currently consulting with the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Petroleum and the Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency (EgyptERA) to set indicative prices. This is part of Egypt’s drive to reach a total contribution of renewable energy of 40% by 2035 and 65% by 2050.

Eversheds and Shahid Law are planning to host a webinar to explore the opportunities which this major announcement will have for renewables and waste management across Egypt and further details will be announced shortly. The webinar will be relevant to all those with an interest in energy from waste whether currently active in Egypt or not as this initiative is likely to kick start a fundamental shift in how Egypt manages its residual waste streams. It will be interesting to watch this policy develop to see what waste streams it catches as there are many opportunities to generate power from waste such as municipal waste incineration, gasifiers, plasma technology and anaerobic digesters for food and farm waste.

Eversheds has a long history in advising on all aspects of energy from waste schemes with an aggregate value exceeding $15 billion.

Further details of this initiative will be announced once known and we shall publicise the planned webinar.

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