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Foreign investment: updates from around Europe

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There has been a growing global trend in recent years to strengthen foreign investment control mechanisms, most notably led by CFIUS in the US, and AWV in Germany.

In our latest articles, we address the new developments in Germany and France, set to have numerous implications for investment control across Europe.

German Industry Strategy 2030: what implications will this have to Germany’s foreign direct investment control regime?

On November 29, 2019 the German government published its “Industry Strategy 2030” paper. The strategy paper expresses the intentions of the Ministry of Economics, and in our latest article we discuss the potential implications this will have on Germany’s foreign direct investment control (“AWV”) regime and for transfers of technology outside of Germany.

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France: strengthening of the foreign investment control mechanisms, in line with a general international trend

New regulations on foreign investment in France were published on January 1, 2020, part of a general trend towards strengthening the foreign investment control mechanisms throughout the world. These regulations make numerous changes to the legal framework for investment control.

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