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Preparing for the forthcoming UK Hydrogen Strategy

  • United Kingdom
  • Energy and infrastructure - Hydrogen


The UK Government is due to announce its “Hydrogen Strategy” to promote the effective production, delivery and use of hydrogen energy across the UK.

Ryan Gawrych, Principal Associate in our Hydrogen Energy team, spoke to Politico about what we’re expecting from the forthcoming strategy paper.

He suggests that, unlike some EU strategies which exclude non-renewable hydrogen “the UK strategy is likely to be much more technology agnostic”. Ryan goes on to predict that the UK will look at different sources of hydrogen production:

“The UK strategy is also more likely to look at potential opportunities for deploying hydrogen at scale via electrolysis using nuclear energy.”

 As such, he anticipates that the UK strategy will include efforts to boost hydrogen production across numerous sources, be it green hydrogen from renewable sources, or blue hydrogen from nuclear, natural gas or industrial sources.

Ryan’s comments were featured in a briefing on hydrogen energy, published by Politico EU, a legislative and policy news source. You can view the briefing here (subscription required).