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Support around Covid-19 Challenges

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Most of the questions we are receiving in the clean energy sector around Covid-19 relate to maintaining project continuity and the impact of Covid-19 on the work force, raising and defending Force Majeure and how best to approach discussions with funders. We set out below some links to helpful information around these.

We are also asked about how best to access Government support in various jurisdictions. If you need help with this please let us know and we will connect you with the right person in your market. Please feel free to use the Clean Energy Covid-19 Hotline details of which are below.

We send you, your families and colleagues our very best wishes at this difficult time. We are here to help and so feel free to reach out.

Force Majeure

We have just released our global guide to Force Majeure across numerous jurisdictions worldwide. Please have a look at it here.

Employee concerns

Our employment team has compiled a new global guide where we provide an at-a-glance comparison across more than 20 jurisdictions. This will continue to grow and cover more jurisdictions, looking at:

  • an employer's duty of care
  • payments due when an employee cannot attend work due to illness, self-isolation or childcare responsibilities
  • temporary lay-offs
  • government support for businesses and staff
  • consultation requirements

 Working Capital and Fundraising

We are seeing significant demand from listed and quoted companies to help them support their balance sheets and deal with their immediate working capital requirements.

The UK team has produced this briefing which covers some of the key technical and legal issues that listed and quoted companies will have to deal with when contemplating a capital raise in the UK.

Coronavirus Hub

Visit our Coronavirus hub here for the latest updates from around the World. You can contact our Coronavirus legal team on our dedicated email address:

All issues and questions that you have can also be directed to your Eversheds Sutherland lawyer in the normal way.

Clean Energy Covid-19 Hotline

The Covid-19 Clean Energy hotline has been set up for existing clients.

Our 150 strong global Clean Energy and Sustainability Team is working and available 24/7 and our focus will be on helping you where we can to effectively manage the challenges facing your business.

For enquiries outside the US:

For enquiries inside the US:

Your enquiry will be picked up and directed to the appropriate person in the firm within one hour (during UK or US business hours as appropriate).