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UK: Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Delivery Plan for London

  • United Kingdom
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Last week, the EV Infrastructure Taskforce (EVIT), which brings together experts from Transport for London and Greater London Authority, announced a new plan to deliver electric vehicle infrastructure for London. This follows engagement with various participants in the energy transition and aligns with London’s wider ambitions for new cars to be zero-emission by 2030 and for the city to be entirely zero-carbon by 2050.

Eversheds Sutherland has been working with the Renewable Energy Association (REA) working groups in its engagement with the energy transition community and members of our team sit on the Taskforce.

Key objectives of the plan are:

  • to recognise that EV trends and infrastructure are evolving, so delivery models must recognise and plan for technological obsolescence;
  • to accommodate all users of EV, not just private vehicles, while giving specific groups priority;
  • the development of five rapid charging hubs as a priority;
  • a new focus on borough roads, given congestion on main roads in London;
  • for slower charging, increasing visual impact and deploying new models for off-street charging; and
  • a focus on strategic and demand-led initiatives.

Given the influence of English law principles to projects of this type internationally, we anticipate the output of the EV Infrastructure Taskforce’s plan to be of relevance to our work in many markets around the world.

We highly support the EV Infrastructure Taskforce’s plan and would be happy to discuss all legal aspects relevant.