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UK: Repowering Wind

  • United Kingdom
  • Energy and infrastructure - Clean energy


Our UK clean energy team have partnered with PLC to produce a detailed note on repowering wind projects once they near the end of their life. The note sets out the key issues associated with repowering or extending the life of existing wind farm projects, including licensing requirements, relevant permissions and consents, property and grid connection issues, power purchase agreements, and construction and funding considerations.

Like other generating plants, wind turbines have a finite operational lifetime of at least 25 years. Many of the early UK wind farm projects are now approaching the end of their term, meaning owners have three broad options:

  • Decommission the wind farm. This entails the dismantling of the site, pulling down the turbines and restoring the land or seabed to its original state, as required by the relevant lease and consents.
  • Extend the life of the wind farm. This entails extending existing land rights and planning consents, and perhaps upgrading or replacing some components of the wind turbines, but retaining the overall layout, and “sweating” the asset for as long as is economically viable. This is commonly referred to as extension of life.
  • “Repower” the site. This entails upgrading to the latest and most efficient equipment to increase the wind farm’s capacity or efficiency and is commonly referred to as repowering.

Each of these options presents different challenges, costs and opportunities, many of which are addressed in our note.

The practice note is available for download here. This, and associated practice notes, are all available to subscribers of PLC.

If you would like to discuss the above, the clean energy opportunities in the UK or the market generally, please contact the team below.