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UK: Tariff Guarantee Deadline Extended

  • United Kingdom
  • Energy and infrastructure - Clean energy


In May 2018, the UK Government introduced a scheme which gave tariff guarantees to non-domestic RHI applicants, prior to their project being commissioned and fully accredited. These tariff guarantees are accessible to any combined heat, power, solid biomass CHP, geothermal and biomethane installation. They are also available to biomass installations over 1MW, biogas installations over 600kW and heat pumps over 100kW.

In order to access the tariff guarantees, a project previously needed to be commissioned to industry standards by 31 January 2020. The government has now announced plans to extend the deadline until 31 January 2021, the aim being to encourage new development and advance the decarbonisation of the gas grid.

Steps current or prospective applicants should take

Applicants will not be able to apply for the extended tariff guarantee until the new regulations are in place. Guidance from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy suggests that it is likely that the regulations will be introduced following the summer.

If you currently have a pending application for a fixed tariff guarantee but would like to access the extended deadline, you can withdraw your application, and re-submit the application under the new regulations (once enacted).

If you would like to discuss the above, the clean energy opportunities in the UK or the market generally, please contact the team below.