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A new transatlantic gold standard? - The future of US/UK trade in financial services post Brexit webinar series

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Redefining the UK/US trading relationship presents a unique opportunity to establish a world leading framework for cross border regulatory and supervisory cooperation, and to create a transatlantic capital markets powerhouse with a strong focus on financial innovation and green finance sitting at the heart of the global economy.

Led by HM Treasury and the US Department of the Treasury, and under the auspices of the US-UK FTA negotiations, the US-UK Financial Regulatory Working Group and the US-UK Financial Innovation Partnership negotiations are advancing with a shared determination to reach a comprehensive agreement which would provide significant and mutual benefit to the US and UK economies and the transatlantic financial services industry. Those negotiations are also shaped by the British American Finance Alliance of major trade associations, who are advocating closer ties in key areas with a collective voice.

Global economic uncertainty lies ahead. However, there appears to be substantial ambition and bipartisan support for this vision in both London and Washington, and there is every reason for confidence in the belief that the conditions are right for a new gold standard in US-UK financial services in the period ahead.

Our webinar series, hosted by Head of Financial Services Matthew Allen focuses on the US-UK negotiations and how the Financial Services Sector will be impacted. To read through the webinar summaries, please click below. 

20 January 2021 - Isobel McIntosh, HM Treasury 

3 February 2021 - Lisa Vainio, TheCityUK

10 February 2021 - Peter Matheson, SIFMA

17 February 2021 - James Flannery, HM Treasury 

24 February 2021 - Lord Grimstone, HM Treasury

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