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Technology in Financial Services: Podcast Series

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Episode 1 - Biometrics

In episode 1, we discuss the Financial Services (FS) sector’s increasing collection (and reliance) of biometric data, including for account validation and payment transaction purposes. COVID-19 has ignited many organizations’ digitization journey with companies now looking to facilitate the end users’ access to various FS services via the acceptance of biometric data. We also canvass key data privacy risks as well as some of the emerging regulatory trends across the US, Europe and Asia.

Episode 1 - Biometrics | Podcast | mp3 | 30 min

Episode 2 - Cloud Computing 

Listen to Episode 2 of our Technology in Financial Services Podcast Series as Rhys McWhirter is joined by Simon Gamlin and Craig# Rogers to discuss all things cloud computing and the rise in concerns surrounding the abilities of the cloud services providers and the effects that this could have on Financial Services clients. 

Episode 2 - Cloud Computing | Podcast | mp3 | 30 min