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Managing Food Businesses during COVID-19

  • United Kingdom
  • Health and safety
  • Litigation and dispute management


These are turbulent times especially for the UK food industry. Whilst some businesses are seeing an unprecedented demand for food, others are struggling to survive following site closures due to the recent legislation implemented; The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020.

Although the Government has released guidance (COVID-19 Guidance) which aims to provide pragmatic advice on how businesses, which can remain open, comply, many have criticised this guidance for not providing the real detail which is needed to enable them to safely and confidently continue operations. With some suggesting that further guidance should be generated to deal with some of the topics covered in much greater detail.

During this time many businesses will be looking to change its use, for example temporarily changing from a restaurant to a takeaway provider. The Government has made this transition easy in that they have relaxed planning permission regulations. However, the key issue will be ensuring that food businesses and their operations are suitably ready for this change. Demand for takeaways are high right now due to some of the larger competitors closing, creating even greater pressure on the businesses remaining in operation.

If you are considering changing your food operation to a takeaway or pick-up service, you will need to consider the additional food hygiene hazards this may present. We advise that all food businesses ensure that they have appropriately reviewed their HACCP in place and any follow on policies and procedures to ensure that its operations are not only reflective of the new business model but are also compliant with the Covid 19 advice.

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