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Diversified industrials e-briefing: A global comparative guide to tax tribunals

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    Industrial and manufacturing businesses are receiving increased scrutiny of their cross border supply and finance arrangements from local tax authorities keen to ensure that tax is paid at the appropriate amount in the local jurisdiction. This has led to increased challenges from tax authorities where similar business and operational structures may create potential tax disputes in a number of different jurisdictions.

    Eversheds has produced a guide for industrial and manufacturing businesses on the different ways of resolving tax disputes, wherever they may arise. For industrial and manufacturing businesses, it remains important to structure their operations to ensure tax disputes are minimised and when they do arise, they are dealt with quickly and effectively.

    This new guide provides an overview of the tax authority, settlements, tax tribunal, process, decision, costs and appeal procedures across 17 different jurisdictions in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

    Please feel free to forward the guide onto your colleagues. If you have any observations you wish to share or would like to discuss any of the issues covered, please contact us.

    Click here to access the global comparative guide to tax tribunals.