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CasePlanner: three ways to simplify your budgeting & tracking

  • United Kingdom
  • Litigation and dispute management


We all know that litigation and dispute management can be a stressful business. Add in the extra complexities of remote working, coordinating tasks and teams at a distance, as well as any extra restraints on budgets from courts and clients alike – and the operational challenges of effectively arguing a case can be instantly doubled.

That’s why the Propel team has introduced CasePlanner, the project management and budgeting platform that helps keep your budgets inline and your cases on track. To help you get started here’s three ways that CasePlanner can make budgeting and tracking a breeze:

1. Budgeting

Take the pressure of billable hours, top it with tight deadlines, and the idea of spending hours labouring over budgets can start to seem unappealing. However, disregarding the importance of costs from the outset of your project could result in higher unexpected costs later down the line.

To address this conundrum, CasePlanner provides a dashboard view of fees, hours and budget pipelines, as well as utilisation rates, all in a click of button. This tool can even help provide accurate budgets, as well as using historic data, to produce new fee estimates.

2. Tracking

One of the keys to any successful project is having the ability to track that the case is both on time, and on budget. With easy access to answers for such queries as ‘ is the work completed in line with the projected budget?’ CasePlanner synthesises data by tracking real time spending against budget.

Additionally, CasePlanner facilitates tracking actions on to-do-lists, key milestones and deadlines. From a litigators perspective, CasePlanner can unlock a whole new world of agile budget and to-list-tracking.

3. Reporting

We all know that clients are always asking for more and more bespoke services and reporting. CasePlanner helps create standardised reports that facilitate the breakdown of budgets, project status and pending outstanding actions.

This integrated reporting system allows the for the quick creation of updated reports, helping to facilitate more efficient communication with clients and reporting.

We hope you found this helpful and please do reach out to the Propel team if you would like any further information on CasePlanner or any of the litigation legal technology available. We would be happy to walk you through how Legal Project Management and Legal Technology can help you and your team.

For more information please contact James Barrett or Lindy Christine.