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Propel’s top 3 tips for remote working

  • United Kingdom
  • Litigation and dispute management


With COVID-19 shaking up the way we work, creativity and collaboration has become more important than ever to promote well-being, project progression and provide clients with reassurance that their matters are still being cared for.

That’s why the Propel Team is here with some top tips to help you and your team navigate the tricky world of working from home:

If you think your team could benefit from anything below, please do reach out to the Propel team. We would be happy to walk you through how Legal Project Management and Legal Technology can help you and your team.

1. Project Tracking and Status Reporting

Working remotely increases the need for clear visibility on project status and reporting. Your stakeholders are going to need regular updates on the progress of your cases, while clients may need extra reassurance that their matters are still being addressed during these uncertain times.

Consider using our project managements tool such as LPM Toolkit, a clear template to help visualize and manage your cases, or CaseReady. CaseReady is our collaborative case management platform, allowing you to review and annotate documents, statements, reports and chronologies. The Propel team can run you through the benefits of both of these tools, and get you efficiently working remotely across teams in no time.

2. Share information quickly and easily

With an even greater need for simplified access to information, tools such as CaseShare and Collaborate can help your teams successfully work together.

CaseShare is our secure file sharing tool, whilst Collaborate provides a share based platform helping you to easily exchange documents. By using tools like these, you can ensure your teams have access to the information you need for the continuity of your project, and provides reassurance that your team have the tools necessary to continue operating.

3. Keep teams communicating

Self-isolation and remote working can place severe strains on team communications and individual’s mental health. One way to combat this tis to make a deliberate effort to plan interactions through virtual ‘water cooler catchups’ through video-conference tools or WhastApp chat groups.

Don’t forget to set up a weekly call to ensure that your team members are well, and that your project is on track.

For more information please contact James Barrett or Lindy Christine.