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Retail Speed Brief: Consumer Rights Bill to become law on 1st October 2015

  • United Kingdom
  • Retail


The Government has recently announced that the Consumer Rights Bill is intended to become law on 1st October 2015, subject to the ongoing Parliamentary process. The Bill is highly relevant to retailers as it will introduce significant changes to consumer laws including those dealing with the provision of goods, services and digital content. There will also be changes to the present unfair terms legislation which will affect all contractual relationships with consumers, including those made in-store and formed online.

The changes will require a careful review of how goods, services and digital content are offered to consumers and the terms and conditions that are used. The clock is now ticking; there is less than a year before the law is in place and there is likely to be a six month transition period following its introduction. Our more detailed briefing on the Bill can be found here.

Please contact James Batham or Matthew Gough for further information.