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Global Tech Week: Compliance with the new EU whistleblowing protections

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Between 28 February and 3 March 2022 we held the inaugural Global Tech Week which focussed on the opportunities posed by digitalization and the potential legal implications and challenges.

The EU’s new whistleblowing protections were due to be implemented into national law by 17 December 2021, with the intention of establishing uniform minimum protections to ensure those who want to report breaches of EU law are afforded legal protection against retaliation. Is your business compliant with the new regimes? How do the new protections fit with your existing processes and what might need to change? In this comparative session, which took place on Wednesday 2 March, our experienced global employment team provides an overview of the key requirements of the new Directive and some of the challenges that may arise in light of the variation in implementation being adopted between member states.

In the session, the panellists also discussed the different approaches that the can be utilised to achieve company compliance and the benefits and disadvantages of each - for example, is a consistent global policy or more tailored local approach best?

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