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Global Tech Week: Corporate Digital Responsibility - Benchmarking your business against others when digitalizing

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Between 28 February and 3 March 2022 we held the inaugural Global Tech Week which focussed on the opportunities posed by digitalization and the potential legal implications and challenges.

This session, which took place on Thursday 3 March, presented Eversheds Sutherlands’ own thought-leadership report on corporate digital responsibility and digitalization. Corporate Digital Responsibility describes a set of responsibilities (relating to commercial, legal, compliance, ethics, ESG, governance and oversight) that organizations may be obliged in law or which may be expected from stakeholders for them to take into of account when developing, procuring, licensing or selling certain technologies, to ensure positive results for the company, investors, customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Within the session, we showcased the recently published findings from Eversheds Sutherlands’ thought-leadership report, drawn together from a survey of 700 industry leaders around the world as well as our own narrative on the expectations around corporate digital responsibility in an ever digitalizing world. Amongst other things, the report focuses on the risks and pressures corporations are facing with regard to their digital strategies including how to respond and help ensure legal compliance and appropriate corporate governance. In this session, led by our US head of TMT and our International head of technology, we have drawn out a number of key themes relating to the commercial/stakeholder, ethical, legal, compliance and governance challenges and expectations that businesses face when digitalizing and how companies are approaching these challenges.

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