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Global Tech Week: Corporate Digital Responsibility - Digitalization - Where is the law now?

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Between 28 February and 3 March 2022 we held the inaugural Global Tech Week which focussed on the opportunities posed by digitalization and the potential legal implications and challenges.

In this “black letter law” session, which took place on Thursday 3 March, we take you through some of the recent or upcoming changes in law, across a number of territories, to be aware of and/or take account of for your digitalization projects, whether your business is procuring, developing, building, selling, licensing or buying technologies or businesses which have digitalization at their heart (such as AI, robotics, Internet of Things, and more).

The session included legal updates and horizon scanning including a focus on:

  • new laws targeted specifically around the technologies such as AI laws
  • the current and upcoming position in relation to intellectual property
  • changing data, privacy and cyber laws
  • the application of HR laws to digitalization projects
  • product liability
  • litigation
  • ESG
  • the changing expectations around due diligence, M&A and contracting