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Coronavirus – Walloon environmental law – Belgium

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The Walloon government has decided, as from March 18, 2020, to temporarily suspend for 30 days all deadlines and appeal filing periods laid down in Walloon legislation. With regard to Walloon environmental law and permitting procedures, this results in the suspension of the deadlines and appeal filing periods contained in but not limited to the Walloon Urban Planning Code (in French CoDT), the Walloon Environmental Code (in French Code de l’Environnement), the Walloon decree of February 6, 2014 relating to municipal roads (in French: décret voirie), and the Walloon decree of February 5, 2015 relating to commercial establishments (in French: décret relative aux implantations commerciales).

Public inquiry suspensions Belgium

Furthermore, public inquiries in the context of a permit application procedure also have been suspended, as are the deadlines for advisory bodies to provide their advice. Consequently, public inquiries which were launched before March 18, or which were to be launched during the 30-day suspension period, will be prolonged accordingly.

This 30-day suspension period can be extended twice for the same duration.

However, it should be noted that the suspension of the deadlines does not prevent the authorities from taking decisions.

The deadlines and appeal filing periods will resume the day after publication in the Belgian Official Gazette of the Walloon decree announcing the end of the suspension period.

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