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Recording - French, German and Dutch insights regarding Force Majeure and Commercial Contracts - Europe

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In this session we answered some of the most common questions clients have asked us over recent weeks as well as digging into more detail around how your business should proceed with specific legal and technical challenges according to French, German and Dutch law.

Listen to the recording here.

Questions we provided answers for include:

• Does Covid-19 qualify as force majeure?

• How does the assessment of force majeure work within a supply chain?

• What is the situation regarding payment obligations?

• What are the key requirements to claim force majeure?

• What remedies are available if there is a force majeure event?

• What is the effect once you have declared force majeure?

• How could you respond if a counter party declares force majeure?

• What should you do if the force majeure comes to an end and you believe that the counterparty can perform again?

• Are there any other options than relying on force majeure available to mitigate exposure and business impact of the crisis?

• If force majeure is declared, do you have to do anything else?

• What risks are involved if force majeure is claimed incorrectly?

• What about force majeure in respect of contracts currently negotiated?

• What if you cannot invoke force majeure: are there any alternatives to force majeure that may help you escape from a contract?


If you have any matters to discuss or additional questions from the session, please contact any of our speakers listed below.