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Recording - In-depth insights and practical advice regarding Force Majeure, Frustration and reconsidering Commercial Contracts – UK

  • United Kingdom
  • Commercial agreements
  • Coronavirus - Force Majeure issues
  • Coronavirus - Webinars and podcasts
  • Litigation and dispute management


Listen as our panel answer some of the most common questions clients have asked us over recent weeks as well as digging into more detail around how your business should proceed with specific legal and technical challenges.

A recording of the session can be listened to here.

Across the three key themes of Force Majeure, Frustration and Commercial Contracts, the questions we have provided an answer for include:

  • can you still rely on a force majeure clause even if it does not specifically mention a “pandemic or epidemic”?
  • is frustration an option and what is its effect in comparison to force majeure?
  • in what circumstances is there a duty to mitigate?
  • what are the implications of getting this wrong?
  • how should you interpret constantly changing regulatory and legal guidance?
  • how to negotiate new contracts in light of the pandemic?


 * An additional recording of a French, German and Dutch focused webinar on Force Majeure can be found here