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An Asia Pacific Guide to Force Majeure

  • Asia
  • Coronavirus
  • Litigation and dispute management


The current COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a range of medical, social and economic consequences around the world. The effects on commerce have already been dramatic and for those of us who advise on global trade, supply chain issues and contractual risk management, the number one emerging issue is that of force majeure.

The law on force majeure differs from country to country, not least between common law and civil law jurisdictions. How and when should you serve a force majeure notice? What remedies are available? Are there other contractual remedies such as frustration in a particular jurisdiction?

This guide provides some preliminary advice on those issues and more across 19 Asia Pacific jurisdictions.

This is a free resource provided to our clients and the wider business community as part of our response to COVID-19. Should you need to discuss any issue in more detail please feel free to contact us.

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Are you facing issues outside of Asia Pacific?

You may also be interested in our Global Guide to Force Majeure which examines these challenges across the world’s major economies.






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