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Part 1 - Overview of the limited partnership fund: How does Hong Kong match up to the Cayman Islands and Singapore?

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The new Limited Partnership Fund Ordinance will take effect on 31 August 2020 which represents a significant milestone for Hong Kong, allowing private equity and venture capital (“PE/VC”) funds to domicile and operate in one onshore jurisdiction.

In the lead up to 31 August 2020, Eversheds Sutherland will be issuing a four-part series taking an in-depth look at the limited partnership fund (“LPF”) and rates the LPF regime against comparable jurisdictions, namely the Cayman Islands and Singapore. We have chosen these two countries as suitable comparators because the Cayman Islands remains the top offshore fund domicile in Hong Kong for PE/VC funds while Singapore is the main competitor to Hong Kong as the premier international financial centre in Asia.

We kick off our series with an overview comparing features of Hong Kong’s LPF against the Cayman Islands’ exempted limited partnership (“Cayman ELP”), and Singapore’s limited partnership (“Singapore LP”) structures.

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