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Dominance – Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong
  • Competition, EU and Trade


This chapter was first published in Dominance (2017) by Getting the Deal Through in April 2017.

Dominance addresses the most relevant questions on dominance and market power. Expert local insight in jurisdictions worldwide, covering: applicable legislation, sector-specific controls, scope of application and public entities, market definition and thresholds, collective dominance and dominant purchasers, exploitative and exclusionary practices, links between dominance and abuse, defences, specific forms of abuse, enforcement authorities, sanctions and remedies, private enforcement and damages.

The Hong Kong Competition Ordinance came into force on 14 December 2015. In the 2017 edition of Dominance, Adam Ferguson and Jocelyn Chow of our Competition Team in Hong Kong gave a careful overview of the rules governing abuse of market power under Hong Kong’s competition legislation, as well as latest updates on the enforcement climate in Hong Kong.

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