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Keep calm and breathe

With 2019 coming to a rapid close, and because of the significant impacts that recent environmental trends and changes have on the Mining and Natural Resources Sector, we have decided to consolidate our Mining, Natural Resources and Environmental newsletters, into one final newsletter for 2019.

The Environmental Revolution has been in the spotlight and seems to be gathering momentum, not only for those that have in the past, been regarded as being on the “fringe”, but also “mainstream” stakeholders.

We have therefore included articles by Pascale Defroberville on electronic waste, and the Carbon Tax Act. There has been rapid innovation and decrease in production costs, and dramatically increased access to electronic products and digital technology. This has however led to the unintended consequence of creating the fastest growing waste stream (electronic and electrical waste). Pascale discusses these consequences, and what it means for South Africa. Pascale also comments on the practical aspects associated with the implementation of the carbon tax in South Africa.

We have included an article by Glynn Kent “Was Greta right about us?” where he comments on what is broadly regarded as an emotionally charged speech at the United Nations Climate Action Summit, by Greta Thunberg.

In the article by Warren Beech and Glynn Kent “If a tree falls in the forest...” (first published in the October issue of Without Prejudice), Warren and Glynn address interesting questions regarding observation and perception, generally, and specifically in relation to whether civil society has progressed to the point where it is no longer only about the perceptions of a small minority relating to environmental degradation that counts, the implementation of the “polluter pays principle”, and the devastating consequences of tailings dam failures in recent history.

When it comes to the Mining and Natural Resources Sector, it is broadly acknowledged that the Mining Sector prevents the South African economy from going into full recession. The South African government has re-confirmed, publicly, on several occasions, that the Mining and Natural Resources Sector remains a critical contributor to the South African economy.