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Corporate Law Department: New Companies and Associations Code

Date: May 1, 2019

Belgium has a new Companies and Associations Code. If you are curious to learn how this new code will impact your company, find the contribution from our Eversheds Sutherland Corporate Department here.

Koen Devos, Partner

Evy Verhaeghe, Senior Associate

Thomas Ramaekers: Junior Associate

Commercial Law Department: Deadline UBO-registration approaching

Date: June 2019

Following the European and Belgian legislation on anti-money laundering, all Belgian enterprises that are not natural persons (companies, non-profit organisations, trusts, fiducies and similar entities) are obliged to register their ultimate beneficial owner(s) (“UBO”) in an electronic register. The ultimate deadline for registration is the 30th of September 2019.

Find out more here.

Koen Devos, Partner

Lynn Jonckheere, Junior Associate

Litigation Department: The Act of 4 April 2019: Protecting enterprises by limiting contractual freedom?

Date: June 2019

The Act of 4 April 2019 modifying the Code on Economic Law with regard to the abuse of economic dependency, unfair contract terms and unfair market practices between enterprises, introduces several provisions aimed at the protection of enterprises with regard to unfair terms in B2B contracts, thereby limiting the contractual freedom between enterprises. Find out more here.

Lieven Devos, Partner

Jozef Nijns, Associate

HRG Department - Recent developments in employment law

Date: June 2019

For recent developments in employment law, click here.

Stefan Corbanie, Partner

Céline Wauters, Senior Associate

Stephanie Nijs, Associate

Real Estate and Regulatory Department - Public Procurement update: Electronic invoicing in public procurement

Date: May 2019

Since April 26, 2019, contractors, to whom a public contract or concession has been awarded, have the possibility to issue an electronic invoice and transmit it to the contracting authority. Find out more here.

Johan Joos, Partner, Real Estate and Regulatory

Inge van den Dorpel, Associate, Real Estate and Regulatory