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Gambling in Ukraine legalized

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Ukraine's parliament legalised gambling last summer, ending a 10-year long ban and thereby fulfilling a campaign promise by president Zelenskiy.

Since than a flurry of regulatory activity has taken place to set up a licensing system and regulatory framework, and the first licences were granted recently by the new regulator.

The Ukrainian market is proving extremely attractive for foreign gambling operators, both because of Ukraine's sizeable population and popular demand by local users. The black market for gambling has in recent years been estimated to EUR 1.8 billion per year, giving an indication of the potential revenue after legalisation. This is the largest market opening in Europe in recent years and represents an unparalleled growth opportunity for foreign operators and their suppliers.

Asters has taken the lead in representing foreign operators wishing to enter the market, lobbying the government in the still-ongoing regulatory overhaul, and assisting with obtaining licences. Asters has a dedicated practice group for gambling and is the leading law firm in Ukraine.

About our law firm

Asters, founded in 1995 as Shevchenko Didkovskiy and Partners and rebranded in 2008, has consistently remained at the top of the Ukrainian legal market throughout its history.

We are unique in Ukraine in our combination of established world-class quality, international recognition, strong local roots, and deep expertise.

Damien Magrou
Associate | Asters